ZEM Shelf Systems Inc. service concept; We produce solution-oriented projects in line with the wishes and expectations of our customers. We provide rational services with our professional, dynamic and experienced team. We attach importance to completing your projects above quality standards and delivering them on time. First of all, we act with developing technology based on the principle of occupational safety.

Shelf Maintenance

When was the last time you had a shelf control of your warehouse?

Causes of damages in rack systems;

  • Wrong stacker choice.
  • Insufficient quality of driver training.
  • Failure to load in accordance with the carrying capacity values.
  • Corridor width not suitable for stacker and stacked product.
  • Lack of necessary safety equipment and apparatus.
  • The safety equipment used does not comply with the standards.
  • The racking system and the pallet used are not compatible.

It may have happened due to the above reasons. Zem Shelf Systems Inc. provides services with its expert team to prevent all these.

Installation & Dismantle


Installation of Warehouse racking systems is assembled in accordance with the standards according to the project drawn to the warehouse by our experienced staff.


Our professional team performs de-assembly of your installed shelf systems with the necessary equipment by adhering to the occupational health and safety rules.

Purchase & Sale

We meet two demands of our customers and business partners.


The discovery of your warehouse is carried out by our expert staff, price offers are offered according to the quality of your products, and your installed shelf systems are de-assembled with the necessary equipment by our professional team by adhering to the occupational health and safety rules.


Your warehouse is discovered and the shelf systems are projected according to your needs. The products designed to send with minimum error and provide the best service to our customers are subjected to detailed processes such as sorting (separating), cutting (cutting), repair-modification, welding, painting and cleaning during transportation. Ready-to-deliver products are delivered from our warehouse.