Balık Dünyası

Balık Dünyası

Balık Dünyası, which delivers fresh, frozen, cleaned, filleted, sliced, further processed, coated, smoked and marinated fish products to its customers both in Turkey and abroad, preferred zem raf, the leader of warehouse rack systems, in the project of accessible storage rack systems.

The sensitivity of the two companies to nature, their perspective on customer satisfaction and their contribution to the country's economy have guided this project. Thanks to the installation of walk-in warehouse rack systems, which we realized in a short time, we increased the operation speed of our customers. We are happy to ensure that the products reach their customers faster and fresher, while ensuring that they are stored in clean, sterile and global standards.

Zem shelving systems are always with their customers. We both ensure that you use your warehouse at maximum capacity and also consider your costs.

Project Type

  • Sold - Installation

Products Used

  • Drive-in Rack Systems
Balık Dünyası