About Us

About Us

40 years of experience in offering services, Zem Shelf Systems Inc is the most visionary, innovative and dynamic company in the second-hand shelf systems sector. With its stance and philosophy, Zem Shelf's reassuring, professional, equipped and experienced team works on customer's needs with all professionalism and trust. After a cost-free advisor service, our sells team prepare 3D projects and customer need centered detailed bidding dossier to prevent errors wrong product expeditions and our products pass from different steps such as; sorting (sorting), grading (cutting), repair and modification, welding, painting, and cleaning while dispatching before there expedition.

Nevertheless, we produce many other products in our belonging all new accessories (foot shoe, pin, bolt, dowel, diagonal, connector, sheet metal, and profile raw material, etc.) that may be needed during production and renovation are always available for the customers in stocks. Zem Shelf Systems Inc. takes into consideration norms of industry 4.0 for sustainable customer satisfaction Zem Shelf invests in technology and industry materials.

Our Mission

Our customers and co-workers have always been the center of all our mission. Our mission is to reply to our customers need the fastest, the most economical and the most sustainable. While doing this, we assume happiness, fulfillment, and self-development of our co-workers.

Our Vision

By completing our 40 years’ experience with modern technics, a professional team and a great company culture, we aim maximum customer satisfaction. Especially in second-hand rack systems sector we aim to be a worldwide known and trusted label.

Why Zem Shelving Systems?

  • We listen to you. We understand your needs and wishes. We give you best solutions you deserve.
  • In our modern, well-equipped workplace together with our professional team, we supply the most specific of your demands.
  • Using high-level Engineering Solutions, we are the only company importing and exporting in the sector.
  • Our dynamic, young and revolutionary team is fallowing sector trends and always update our services.
  • We stay beside you with our after-sell services.